The Series 44 cryogenic temperature probes utilize either a 200Ω or 1000Ω platinum resistance thermometer (PRT), or a silicon diode (SD) thermometer and are constructed of stainless steel. The 44B design is designed for operation from -40°C to +200°C and the 44C from -196°C to +125°C.  The Series 44 is also available with silicon diode sensing elements (44D) for operation in the most extreme cryogenic temperature regimes down to -269°C.

The probes are designed to withstand the extreme conditions—mechanical, thermal, and electrical—expected of their process environments. They are hermetically sealed with the sensing element embedded within a thermal epoxy matrix at the stem’s tip. These probes can be deployed for direct immersion or in thermowell applications. This model has been utilized primarily in ground support process monitoring.  Please see below for detailed specifications.