The Model 12i / 14i / 18i monitors may be powered by any source providing 7.5 to 48 Volts AC or DC. The IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) specification is also upported, allowing these units to be powered by its local area network connection. In addition, the Model 18i has eight input channels whereas the Model 14i has four and the Model 12i has two. The instruments are identical in every other way. Each input is independent and is capable of supporting the same wide range of sensor types. Inputs are not scanned or multiplexed.

Several display formats may be selected. Up to eight temperature readings may be displayed simultaneously or two channels with input names and temperature shown in a large easy to read font. A single key press takes the screen to a menu tree where most features and functions of the instrument can be configured.

Model 18i / 14i / 12i Features:

  • Two to Eight Input Channels with Ethernet Connectivity
  • Supports silicon diodes, Platinum RTD and most cryogenic NTC temperature sensors. Dual thermocouple inputs are optional.
  • Operation from 1.0K to over 1500K with an appropriate sensor. Constant-Voltage, AC excitation of resistive sensors minimizes errors and extends their useful temperature range.
  • Continuous data logging into internal, Non-Volatile memory.
  • Two large, dry-contact relay outputs.
  • Flexible input power: Power-Over-Ethernet or 7.5-24V AC/DC.
  • Built-in web server. Temperature monitoring and instrument configuration can be performed using any web browser.
  • Remote interfaces include 100/10 Ethernet and RS-232. USB 2.0 and IEEE-488.2 (GPIB) are optional. LabVIEW™ drivers available for all interfaces.