Opster for Mission-Critical Elasticsearch & OpenSearch Deployments

Whether your deployment is small or large, it can be mission-critical for your specific use case. You need your cluster up and running at all times – downtime and latency are your enemies.

Opster’s solutions ensure peak performance in mission-critical deployments, preventing production incidents and reducing mean time to resolution.
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Proactively preventing incidents

Opster AutoOps alerts you in advance before incidents and issues develop and resolves them, either automatically or with actionable recommendations.

Ensuring stability

Protect against harmful user activity that could cause service unavailability with Opster’s Operator and Search Gateway.

Optimizing your data layer

By enhancing your cluster’s data layer, you can benefit from increased performance, reduced costs and the stability your deployment needs.

Solid partners, whenever you need

With Opster you’ll have 24/7 production support with the fastest response times in the industry & a dedicated Slack channel with experts.

What’s included

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Diagnosing & fixing

AutoOps pinpoints the root causes of issues and provides methods for resolution.

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Improving performance

The AutoOps Operator performs shard rebalancing, blocking heavy searches, optimizing mapping and more to improve performance.

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Reducing costs

Opster’s cost reduction tools allow for downsizing of the necessary hardware and improving overall resource utilization.

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End-to-end support

Opster’s expert support team monitors the cluster, conducts periodic reviews and is available 24/7 on a private Slack channel.

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