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Austrian Audio On Tour With Muse

Austrian Audio delivering the music and the message for the Will Of The People stadium tour

Muse, the iconic alt-rock band from England, is currently on tour featuring songs from their album Will of the People. Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar), Christopher Wolstenholme (bass, vocals) and Dominic Howard (drums, percussion) have been tearing up arenas and stadiums throughout the US and Europe, delivering massive productions with excellent audio and insane visuals.

As the band’s FOH engineer for over two decades, Marc Carolan is making sure the sound quality on stage exceeds every expectation. To that end, Carolan employs the Austrian Audio OD505 WL1 for vocals on the Will of the People Tour. The OD505 WL1 is an ideal solution for those in the band who are mobile during their performance and depend on a wireless system. In many live situations, ambient sound is a big problem and mic’s supercardioid polar pattern smoothly rejects unwanted interference and focuses on the voice. Monitor engineer Matt Napier, part of Carolan’s team and on his first tour with the group, confirmed this in a recent interview with FOH Magazine “When Matt performs in front of the P.A., he switches to an Austrian Audio OD505, which has great rejection and keeps the vocal sound as clean as possible.

Austrian AudioFor the drum kit, Carolan opted for the Austrian Audio OC7 true condenser instrument microphone for the toms, and the CC8 cardioid true condenser mic on high hat. The flagship OC818 large-diaphragm condenser mic are used on percussions. As an experienced FOH engineer, Carolan always has an eye out for innovative solutions as Muse fills bigger and bigger stadiums. “Muse keeps pushing boundaries, both musically and technologically, and the team and I keep learning and figuring out how to provide the best sound experience for these mega shows.”

In order for the audio to keep pace with the overall experience, Austrian Audio has been a great partner when it comes to open, transparent and natural sound, largely due to their proprietary Open Acoustics technology, which delivers the open and natural Austrian Audio OC (open condenser) sound the company is known for in studios and venues around the world.