Dynaudio announces Core 5 Studio Monitors and Core Sub Compact

Dynaudio has added a new compact monitor and subwoofer to its industry-favourite Core reference speaker family.

The new Core 5 is a compact studio speaker designed specifically for smaller studios and immersive setups. It’s a two-way nearfield design that’s been created to work in cramped spaces in a stereo configuration, or to provide width and height support in an immersive setup. And, crucially, to give usable SPL for those jobs – so if you’re in an OB truck or a smaller mix-stage, you won’t strain to hear, and your eardrums won’t be blasted.

It’s a diminutive little thing, but its presence belies its size. You’ll get 116dB maximum SPL at 1m, it has a flat bass response down to 45Hz at -6dB and 51Hz at ±3dB, and it packs 280W of class-D amplification each for the 5in woofer and 1in tweeter.

And clever DSP tech makes sure it can work in the space you have. Core 5 uses the same platform as the rest of the series: each speaker has a set of filters that compensate for position and boundary locations – including meter-bridges, stands, brackets, free-space and soffit mounts. There’s also a low-frequency 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley cutoff for use with a subwoofer.

There are also sound-balance tilts (Bright, Natural and Dark) to fine-tune performance even more precisely for the room. Their full-spectrum band-pass filters mean phase response is maintained between the drivers, which means timing is kept spot-on… which means your soundstage remains crystal-clear.

Add variable input sensitivity to the mix along with user-defined maximum output SPL settings (with the greatest bit-depth), customised AES3 stream-channel routing and more, and it’s clear Core 5 is a powerhouse of a monitor in a small-studio-friendly box.

If you’re building a full immersive rig in your studio, space will already be tight. Core Sub Compact is designed to give all the precision bass you need, without taking up space you could use for other speakers, equipment or places to sit.

It digs down to 16Hz. It’ll put out 115dB peak halfspace (in a small studio, you’ll definitely know it’s there). It has a full set of DSP controls from the rest of the Core family. And it uses 280W of high-quality Pascal amplification for each of its twin drive-units.

Like Core 5, Core Sub Compact has gigantic processing power. It uses the same amp module and DSP engine (which means you get all the customisation options you could want. Analogue, AES3 digital… you can deal with everything from a 2.1-channel system right up to a full-on 17.1.11 immersive rig), and it means total consistency with the rest of the Core family – regardless of the combination of speakers used.

The two Dynaudio MSP+ Hybrid Drive units work in an opposed configuration. Combine that with the ultra-stable cabinet and you can mix at maximum SPL with your priceless Ming vase sitting right on the sub.